amipicMy name is Ami and I love to read! I live in beautiful Sonoma County, California, and when I’m not reading I spend my free time with music, baking, television & movies, and enjoying life.

I love all different types of books: fiction, historical fiction, chick-lit, mysteries, fantasy, epic stories, non-fiction, classics – the list goes on and on.   I will review books on this site – no set genre – just what I feel like reading at the moment! Occasionally I may do lists (ie, top ten). What I love about reading is the “rabbit hole” effect – how you can read one book, and that will take you on to another book, and on and on. Books always teach me something new. I love how books bring people together. I’m in a book club, The Page Turners, and it always so much fun when we meet – full of different ideas and takes on the book. And I’ve read so many books in the club that I would never have picked up otherwise, but still felt their effect on my life. That is what reading is about – discovering something new. You can go anywhere – any location, any place in time. You can do anything. On to the next adventure in a book!! Where shall I go next??

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I am slowly going back and updating all of my old Amazon links to the Affiliate Links, and this will take some time.  Affiliate Links will be clearly marked!

Read about why I call my blog Luvtoread here.

Interested in what my Top Ten Favorite Books are? Click here!

And here are my Favorite Reads of 2017 and also my Disappointing Reads of 2017.



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  1. Heyas Ami, do you ever do book reviews for ARC or gift copies? My steampunk novella Gaslight Carnival is up on Amazon, and I’m working hard on the second one (or I would be if I wasn’t wandering on WP xD). Just reply here or on my About page if you’re interested.


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for asking me. I have thought long and hard about it, and I think right now that I will NOT be accepting ARCs/gift copies. I just don’t want this blog (and reading!) to feel like a chore/something I have to do, and I’d be devastated to lose my reading hobby! I did look up your book on Amazon, the plot sounds very intriguing, so I may end up reading it sometime down the line. It really does sound good! Reminds me a bit of The Night Circus, which is one of my favorite books. Best of luck on book #2! And thanks for asking me, I really do appreciate it.


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