Favorite Reads of 2019

It’s the end of another year, and a new year is upon us! 2019 was a good year for me. My nephew was born, my husband and I remodeled one of our bathrooms (we’re now working on the other bathroom), and I got to travel a bit to Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Disneyland. Throughout the year I read some amazing books, and here are my favorite reads of the year!



This year I’ve organized the list by genre, except for my most favorite read of the year, and I also have to mention a couple reads that didn’t quite hit the mark. So, here’s the list of my Favorite Reads of 2019! (Note: These are books that I read in 2019 regardless of publication date. Some released in 2019, others came out much earlier. And no links in this post this time around. I haven’t gotten to writing my reviews of all my faves yet!)

Favorite Science Fiction


Favorite Non Fiction

Favorite Historical Fiction

Favorite Fiction / Literary Fiction

Favorite YA


Favorite Mysteries

Favorite Fantasy


Favorite Classics

And here is my Favorite Read of the Year!


Simply amazing. I loved every minute of this retelling of the Circe myth.

And because not everything is wonderful, here’s a read that is by far my least favorite of the year:


I didn’t even get past 9% in this read. This was far too depressing and the characters were all so unlikable. After numerous abuses suffered by one of the characters in a span of several pages, I just couldn’t with this read.

Another read I disliked that I actually did finish was:


This is a contemporary chick-lit read, and it had so many issues that I didn’t enjoy it. I actually wrote a review of this one, but blasted it so hard that I ended up not posting the review. I think contemporary chick-lit reads are just not my thing.

So there you have it! Twenty of my Best Of the Year and my two Worst Reads of the Year. Here’s to another amazing year of books!

Have you read any of these books? Which book was your favorite read of the year? Which book was your worst read of the year?


15 thoughts on “Favorite Reads of 2019

  1. A few of these books you list were added to my TBR thanks to your reviews. And I’m so glad you liked Bleak House. That’s a novel that really helped me understand why law in Britain was such a big deal (it sounds dumb phrasing it that way, but understanding the legal system of Victorian London really changed my understanding of the time period).

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    1. Bleak House is the reason I ended up doing my “Favorites” by genre this year! I couldn’t figure out where to put it in my list 🙂 And can I honestly compare it to current releases? Nope! So by genre it was this time around – and I think I like that better.

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