ARC Review: The Pint of No Return by Ellie Alexander (A Sloan Krause Mystery #2)

The PintOfNoReturnCoverOfficial Synopsis from Goodreads: Amateur sleuth Sloan Krause returns in The Pint of No Return, another delightful cozy by Ellie Alexander—this time investigating a movie star who’s murdered not long after arriving in Leavenworth, WA to film his latest project.

No other festival compares to Oktoberfest in Leavenworth, Washington. The whole town is buzzing with excitement over this year’s activities and eagerly awaiting Nitro’s latest offering Cherrywizen, made with locally sourced cherries. But local brewmaster Sloan Krause is tapped out. Between trying to manage the pub, her pending divorce with Mac, and her mounting feelings for Garrett, she’s fermenting in internal turmoil.

To complicate matters, dreamy movie star Mitchell Morgan and his production crew have arrived in the village to film during the authentic Bavarian brewfest. Mitchell has his eye on Sloan and a taste for Nitro’s Cherrywizen. Sloan escapes his advances for good when she finds Mitchell slumped over the bar. Is this a case of one pint too many, or has Mitchell been murdered by microbrew?

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Setting: Modern day Leavenworth, Washington during Oktoberfest.

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Review: What a cute mystery! The Pint of No Return by Ellie Alexander is another fun, cozy entry in the Sloan Krause Mystery series set in the charming Bavarian styled town of Leavenworth, Washington. To make things even more atmospheric and festive, this entry is set during the celebration of Oktoberfest. As the whole town is involved in the celebrations, a visiting film star is murdered, and he’s someone that many people wanted to kill. So, the suspects stack up, and Sloan is there to figure out whodunit. Sloan is an okay sleuth, she does always seem to run towards trouble, but that’s typical of the main character in a cozy mystery.

As Sloan balances trying to solve the crime, while running her brewery, Nitro, during the busy Oktoberfest festival, she felt a bit frantic to me as she was trying to do so much! This entry made me feel like I was at a loud beer hall, with music and laughter, and while that is fun, after awhile it gets to be a bit much.

With the mystery, I felt that again, similar to the first book, it wasn’t so much the focus of the book. This series seems to be more about the setting and the characters, rather than an intensely plotted mystery, and I’m actually quite all right with that for this series. This series just screams out fun and a picturesque setting, and that to me is what I look for in a cozy mystery. I’m not bothered at all that the mystery wasn’t all that exciting. The setting and the characters are what keeps me reading this series, and I’m looking forward to book three and to hearing about what beer Sloan will be brewing next!

Bottom Line: What fun! Bring on the beers and bratwurst!

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Author Website
My review of Death on Tap, Book One in the Sloan Krause Mystery series

Is this a series that sounds like fun? Or are you over the craft beer craze? Do you enjoy cozy mysteries that talk about food?


4 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Pint of No Return by Ellie Alexander (A Sloan Krause Mystery #2)

  1. I sure hope the author did her research on craft beer because Americans are all crazy about it right now. I know my husband likely wouldn’t read this book, but he loves craft beer, so I want to push it on him! LOL. He keeps getting Oktoberfest brews (starting in September, no less) and is happy to tell you the history of why we have an Oktoberfest.

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    1. It seems like she did her research. The books have been informative without feeling like a textbook or too much technical information, and the way the beer information is presented is interesting. I can’t speak to the accuracy of the info – I just like to drink beer, I don’t know anything about the brewing process :), but it does seem like she knows her stuff! Oktoberfest sounds like such a fun celebration – I’ve never gone to any festivals like that but they sound like fun!


        1. There are so many different beers! I know what I like to drink (generally more along the IPA style), but there’s so many different styles out there and new ones seem to be appearing all the time!

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