Six Degrees of Separation: No 1 Ladies Detective Agency to…

I missed a few months of Six Degrees of Separation, but I’m back this month (just a little bit delayed…) and ready to see where the selection takes me! Six Degrees of Separation is a meme hosted by booksaremyfavouriteandbest where you take one title, and link through six other titles and see where you end up.

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January’s selection is the wonderful The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith.

TheNo1LadiesDetectiveAgencyCoverOfficial Synopsis from Goodreads: Precious Ramotswe has only just set up shop as Botswana’s No.1 (and only) lady detective when she is hired to track down a missing husband, uncover a con man, and follow a wayward daughter. However, the case that tugs at her heart, and lands her in danger, is a missing eleven-year-old boy, who may have been snatched by witchdoctors. First published in the UK in 1998, and in the USA in 2001 by Polygon. Republished in 2002 and 2003 by Anchor. This first novel in Alexander McCall Smith’s widely acclaimed The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series tells the story of the delightfully cunning and enormously engaging Precious Ramotswe, who is drawn to her profession to “help people with problems in their lives.” Immediately upon setting up shop in a small storefront in Gaborone, she is hired to track down a missing husband, uncover a con man, and follow a wayward daughter. But the case that tugs at her heart, and lands her in danger, is a missing eleven-year-old boy, who may have been snatched by witchdoctors.

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency received two Booker Judges’ Special Recommendations and was voted one of the International Books of the Year and the Millennium by the Times Literary Supplement.

I don’t think I’ve talked too much about this series on the blog over the years, but I adore this mystery series. I find Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutski such wonderful characters to read. They are grounded in reality, and I just love them. I also enjoy the setting of Botswana. The books feel alive and it’s apparent that Alexander McCall Smith loves Botswana. I’ve fallen behind on this series; I think there are now eighteen books altogether, and I can’t recall where exactly I’m at in the series, but I definitely remember a big ol’ smile on my face as I read the entry that had Mr J. L. B. Matekoni contemplating a parachute jump.

That parachute jump makes me think of hot air balloons for some reason, and a book I read that had our two main characters meeting on board a hot air balloon is our first stop.

To Capture What We Cannot Keep by Beatrice Colin


This is a wonderful historical fiction book that talks about the building of the Eiffel Tower. The ending of the book is actually set in Africa, so that also links back to our original title!

Since my brain is now focused on France and the Eiffel Tower, we’ll stay in France and pick up:

A French Wedding by Hannah Tunnicliffe


One of the characters in A French Wedding is an arrogant, rich, drug-using, womanizing man named Max, and even though he is all of those things, you still like him and root for him throughout the novel.   Oh so different from another womanizing character in my next selection.

The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney


The womanizing, arrogant character in The Nest that I just can’t stand is Leo. I find it fascinating that two characters (Max from A French Wedding and Leo from The Nest) can be so similar in personalities and attributes, but yet Max in A French Wedding was so much more likeable than Leo in The Nest. For some reason these books and characters are linked forever in my mind, I think because I had such different reactions to very similar characters!

Thinking about the estate battles in The Nest naturally brings me to the most exciting will reading scene I’ve read in quite some time, and that scene is in the hilarious

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan


I really enjoy this series, and cannot wait for the movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians, the first book in the series! I’m a little apprehensive, I’ve always thought this series would be better served by being a television series so that all of the characters would have their chance to shine, but I’m looking forward to seeing what is sure to be a gorgeous film. The fashion! The scenery! I can’t wait!

Now keeping in mind wills, and our initial starting point of a mystery novel, takes me to my next selection,

Grey Mask by Patricia Wentworth


In it, there is an inheritance that plays a part in the plot. I still need to read the rest of the Miss Silver books. Some day!

And thinking of mysteries, and mysteries that are set in Africa, like The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, brings me to my next book, the first book in the Jade Del Cameron Mysteries that have been on my TBR for awhile:

Mark of the Lion by Suzanne M. Arruda


I’ve heard good things about this series, and I have book one on my bookshelf, just waiting for me to decide that the time is right to begin it! Perhaps I’ll start this one soon!

LINKS  ***Amazon links are affiliate links which means that if you click the link and make a purchase, I receive a small commission***

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency    Amazon   |   Goodreads
To Capture What We Cannot Keep   Amazon   |   Goodreads | my review
A French Wedding    Amazon   |   Goodreads   |   my review
The Nest   Amazon |   Goodreads   |   my review
Rich People Problems    Amazon   |   Goodreads   |   my review
Grey Mask    Amazon   |   Goodreads   |   my review
Mark of the Lion     Amazon   |   Goodreads


Have you read any of these books? Do any sound like interesting reads?

And since this post took me forever to do, and February is right around the corner, soon you’ll get my take on February’s Six Degrees which starts with Lincoln in the Bardo, a book I recently read and reviewed.



2 thoughts on “Six Degrees of Separation: No 1 Ladies Detective Agency to…

  1. Great chain! I’ve also missed the last few months – must get back into it again. The only one of your chain I’ve read is The No. 1 Ladies, which I loved though I seem to have lost touch with the series now. But I have had Grey Mask on my TBR for ever, so I’m glad to hear you enjoyed that one. Must bump it up somehow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I really want to get back into The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books again. It’s been too long since I’ve read one! 🙂 Hope you enjoy Grey Mask and other Miss Silver mysteries when you get to them!

      Liked by 1 person

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