Brief Thoughts: The Jane Austen Project by Kathleen A. Flynn


JaneAustenProjectCoverOfficial Synopsis from Goodreads: England, 1815: Two travelers—Rachel Katzman and Liam Finucane—arrive in a field, disheveled and weighed down with hidden money. They are not what they seem, but colleagues from a technologically advanced future, posing as a doctor and his spinster sister. While Rachel and Liam aren’t the first team of time travelers, their mission is the most audacious yet: meet, befriend, and steal from Jane Austen.

Carefully selected and rigorously trained by The Royal Institute for Special Topics in Physics, disaster-relief doctor Rachel and actor-turned-scholar Liam have little in common excerpt their extraordinary circumstances. Circumstances that call for Rachel to stifle her independent nature and let Liam take the lead as they infiltrate Austen’s circle via her favorite brother, Henry.

But diagnosing Jane’s fatal illness and obtaining an unpublished novel hinted at in her letters pose enough of a challenge without the convolutions of living a lie. While her friendship with Jane deepens and her relationship with Liam grows complicated, Rachel fights to reconcile her true self with the constrictions of 19th century society. As their portal to the future prepares to close, Rachel and Liam struggle with their directive to leave history as they found it…however heartbreaking that proves.

Genre: Historical Fiction, Science Fiction
Setting: England 1815
My copy came from: I borrowed this book from my mom! I still had her copy in my possession when her house burned down, so this book was safe from the Tubbs fire!

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***I wrote this spotlight instead of a full review due to my blog still being on somewhat of a hiatus right now. I’m back, looking at reviews and commenting on other posts, but due to many unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to write full reviews at this time. Any ARCs that I review will be full reviews. I hope to be back to writing full reviews soon!***

Brief Thoughts: I enjoyed The Jane Austen Project but didn’t love it. For a book about time travel, it wasn’t too scienc-y until the end, and that’s where it lost me. I think any fan of Jane Austen would be interested in this, as it was fun to read a modern woman go back to the time of Austen. I enjoyed the beginning and the middle of the book, but not the end.



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11 thoughts on “Brief Thoughts: The Jane Austen Project by Kathleen A. Flynn

  1. It seems to me that since time travel is a major plot device that it should be more integral to the story than being showcased at the end of the book. That being said, I realize that it is probably just the vehicle through which the characters are able to get to the real plot of the story which is meeting/interacting with Austen. Great spotlight!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, it’s great that I had so many of her books!
      You might like the modern woman in Jane Austen time details in this book. The beginning I really enjoyed when it was mostly focused on the “fish out of water” experience the lead was having.


    1. I had a few of her books, so that is good that some were safe!
      The plot does sound great, doesn’t it?? I really did like the whole modern woman in Jane Austen time setting – especially at the beginning. But the ending kind of got away from that aspect of the book. I don’t think time travel books are for me. I’ve read a few of them and haven’t loved any of them, so I think it’s a plot device I should stay away from!

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  2. I’m so glad you wrote even this little bit. It will keep you in the habit of reading and writing, and we’ll all know you’re okay. Makes my heart happy 🙂

    Suggestion: if it’s hard to write reviews due to computer/internet issues, you may consider handwriting your review and then taking a pic of that with your phone. You can add that pic as an image and post your review with just the image and links you typically include.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you! I really have missed writing reviews and reading posts and commenting. Making my way back slowly! I’ve got a bunch of mini reviews coming up and I’m looking forward to being able to write full reviews soon. Since I went so long without posting anything at all, I’ve got quite a backlog!
      I really like your idea about doing a handwritten review and then taking a picture of it – that’s great! Especially because formatting sometimes takes me forever… even though I do love doing the formatting 🙂

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