Book Review: Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables #5)

AnnesHouseofDreamsCover2Official synopsis from Goodreads: Anne’s own true love, Gilbert Blythe, is finally a doctor, and in the sunshine of the old orchard, among their dearest friends, they are about to speak their vows. Soon the happy couple will be bound for a new life together and their own dream house, on the misty purple shores of Four Winds Harbor.

A new life means fresh problems to solve, fresh surprises. Anne and Gilbert will make new friends and meet their neighbors: Captain Jim, the lighthouse attendant, with his sad stories of the sea; Miss Cornelia Bryant, the lady who speaks from the heart — and speaks her mind; and the tragically beautiful Leslie Moore, into whose dark life Anne shines a brilliant light.

Genre: Classic Fiction
Setting: Early 1900s, Prince Edward Island
My copy came from: I borrowed this book from my mom.

Review: Enchanting and delightful. I loved this book and think it may be my favorite of the Anne series!

Anne’s House of Dreams, the fifth book in the Anne of Green Gables series, begins with the marriage of Anne and Gilbert and the start of their married life together. Before I started this book, I was concerned that Anne and Gilbert’s relationship would turn stale and boring to read, but their relationship in this installment kept me interested. They still have that playfulness and friendship, and their love for each other really shows in this entry.

“But pearls are for tears, the old legend says”, Gilbert had objected.

“I’m not afraid of that. And tears can be happy as well as sad. My very happiest moments have been when I had tears in my eyes—when Marilla told me I might stay at Green Gables—when Matthew gave me the first pretty dress I ever had—when I heard that you were going to recover from the fever. So give me pearls for our troth ring, Gilbert, and I’ll willingly accept the sorrow of life with its joy.”

Anne and Gilbert move to Four Winds, so Gilbert can take over his great uncle’s medical practice. Besides the core relationship of Anne and Gilbert, we are introduced to several new characters and I loved them all. There is Captain Jim, a dear older man who runs the lighthouse. I adored him with all of his sea stories and friendliness, and his story was one of many that pulled at my heartstrings.

Besides Captain Jim, we also are introduced to Miss Cornelia, who made me laugh and laugh! Miss Cornelia hilariously is “against” men, and her comments sprinkled throughout the book are truly funny, and you just know that when she appears on the scene a big ol’ grin will slide across your face! From her “just like a man” comments, to her always needing to have the last word, she brought the humor to this book, and the book desperately needed it, as there are many serious scenes in Anne’s House of Dreams.

“What have men been doing now?” asked Gilbert entering.

“Mischief—mischief! What else did they ever do?”

“It was Eve ate the apple, Miss Cornelia.”

“ ‘Twas a he-creature tempted her,” retorted Miss Cornelia triumphantly.

My favorite character was Leslie Moore, the mysterious neighbor who is close to Anne’s age. Leslie has a sad, tragic story, and is standoffish and doesn’t always mesh well with Anne, and I found their relationship real and interesting.

As in her other books, L.M. Montgomery’s writing is so beautiful here. Four Winds is situated on the coast, and what a rugged, atmospheric coast it sounds like! I think I prefer the setting of Four Winds to Green Gables (gasp! Did I really just type that??), as Four Winds has an air of mystery and sadness around it, while Green Gables feels so light and happy. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Green Gables, but I’m drawn to the wildness of the sea that exists in Four Winds.

The ways of Four Winds were less staid and settled and grooved than those of Avonlea; winds of change blew over them; the sea called ever to the dwellers on shore, and even those who might not answer its call felt the thrill and unrest and mystery and possibilities of it.

There are definitely some tearjerker scenes in this book, and again, L.M. Montgomery does not shy away from addressing grief in her writing. I have found Montgomery’s writing on grief to be some of the best I’ve read about the issue, and she can really wallop your heart in a few simple sentences.

I was so surprised to love this book as much as I did. Usually with series I start out really liking them, and then the books seem to go downhill. This is not the case here, and I really think this may be my favorite of the series (so-far!). I still have the rest to read!

Bottom Line: Utterly beautiful and entertaining.

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Have you read the Anne of Green Gables series? Which character is your favorite? Which book is your favorite? Have you ever visited Prince Edward Island?

17 thoughts on “Book Review: Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables #5)

  1. I love the whole Anne series, though I’m not sure I’ve reread this one in awhile. I’m frequently disappointed with how authors imagine their children characters growing into adults, and I think this is one exception. Anne changes, obviously, because she matures and has more life experiences, but she’s always still Anne and always has the same passion for life. Usually authors go all “dark” when they write their children turning into adults, trying to show their flaws and such, and it seems like such a depressing view of life to think if you grow up that all the magic and kindness go out of you.

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    1. Yes! Absolutely! And Anne goes through tough times and yet still has her optimistic outlook. As you say, “she’s always still Anne”. I think that’s why I enjoyed the contrast between Anne and Leslie Moore in this book. Leslie has had such a hard life, and she’s lost that optimism, and yet Leslie’s experience with hardship helps Anne when Anne is going through a rough time.

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    1. The characters are so much fun! It’s really a “feel-good” series, even though it does have its tearjerker moments! It’s quite the escape series!


  2. So refreshing to read your review about one of the Anne books that I haven’t read in a while! I would love to visit PEI at some point in time if possible. After being horrified and dismayed at Netflix’s recent “adaptation” (using that word for their rendition is quite a STRETCH!), it is nice to be reminded of the beauty of LMM’s writing and characters. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks! I need to watch that adaptation still. I’m quite curious to see what all the outrage is about!! I wonder if it could possibly be worse than that PBS version that aired recently…


  3. Lovely review! I totally agree with you that this is the one of the very best. I think I still prefer the first book, but it’s marginal and may be because I read them as a child first and perhaps the more adult themes of this one were harder. But I re-read them many times as an adult too, and adore this one. Captain Jim is one of my favourite characters of all time. So glad you enjoyed it!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah, it was tough to choose between this and the first book, but I do like the adult themes here, and the wildness of the sea. Captain Jim was such a sweet character! I really felt like I knew him. Love the fact that Montgomery can bring in new characters that the reader can connect to. That’s hard to do in an established series!

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  4. I think what surprised me about this book was how serious it was. There were so many dark scenes, and Leslie’s story almost becomes like a mini thriller within a story! Are you reading as part of the Anne of Green Gables readalong with Jackie B?

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    1. I just heard about that read along last week or so! So no, not part of the readalong – maybe by the time she gets to book six I’ll join in 🙂 I don’t usually read the same author back-to-back, so need a bit of a break before diving in to another LM Montgomery book.
      And yeah, this book was so serious! And I liked how even though there was seriousness, Anne was still Anne. Even in her sorrow, she was still Anne. Leslie’s story had me completely enthralled – I did not ever guess that would be the outcome! And there was darkness/seriousness in the story, but there was also that darkness & sense of mystery in the setting as well, with the wild sea nearby. I just really enjoyed this entry!

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