Reading Goals Update

Here are some of the books I’ve read so far this year!

Well, here we are three months down with nine left to go until 2017 and a catch-up is in order! So far I’ve read really wonderful books, and I’ve only read one bad book this year, Counting Coup, and it wasn’t even that bad, it just wasn’t on par with A Man Called Ove or Six of Crows or Big Little Lies.

I’ve also recently put more effort into my Bookstagram account (follow me @luvtoread89), and I’m having fun connecting with other readers and taking photos. But the bad thing is that my TBR list keeps getting longer and longer!

This was my first year of really buckling down and working towards my goal of reading 100 books. And I am pleased (overjoyed!) to report that I’ve read 24 books so far this year! I am so happy with this number, and the thing is, I don’t actually feel like all I do is read, or that all my spare time is spent on reading. Which makes me wonder how/why I only ever read 50 books a year on average prior to this. I guess it really is true that telling people about your goals and writing your goals down helps you achieve them. I’m not there yet, but I sure have a great start to the year and what once seemed like an impossible goal is certainly appearing more reasonable. Now I could totally crash and burn with the rest of the year, but having this blog really helps in inspiring me to read more. Since I tend to start things excitedly just to lose interest later, I’m thrilled that I still enjoy blogging.

Bookwise I was able to finish Moby Dick, which was the book my hubby chose for me to read this year, and while at first I was terribly unhappy with him for choosing this read for me, I actually liked the book a lot. There are so many beautiful quotes in Moby Dick. Read my review here.

So far the best book I’ve read this year has been the very first book I read in 2016, Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport. It is set in Hawaii and traces Hawaii’s history throughout multiple generations of women, and it is a stunning work of art with one of the most fascinating, strong, vibrant, female characters I’ve ever read. But, while Shark Dialogues has held the top of the list for three months, I think my current read, Anne of Green Gables, will knock it from the top spot. I’m almost finished with it, and it is turning out to be one of the best books I’ve ever read. You can read my review of Shark Dialogues here.

I still need to work on finishing up series that I’ve started, and re-try Outlander and also attempt The Goldfinch, but I’m so far really pleased with how I’ve done with my goals.

How are you doing with your goals?


4 thoughts on “Reading Goals Update

  1. Good for you! You are reading books with heft, and not necessarily only ones you want to read, yet still enjoying the process and the books. Yay! I, for, one, am really enjoying your blogs and have added several books to my own TBR stack after reading your reviews.

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