Book Review: The Sins of the Wolf by Anne Perry (William Monk #5)

TheSinsOfTheWolfCoverSynopsis: Book Five in the William Monk mysteries, this book has former Crimean War nurse Hester Latterly being hired to help transport an elderly lady from Edinburgh to London. Along the way the elderly lady dies, and Hester is arrested for her murder. London barrister Oliver Rathbone and investigator William Monk attempt to clear Hester’s name.

Review: Wow. Anne Perry never ceases to surprise me, which is so good in a murder mystery. The Sins of the Wolf is a bit long in places, but I wasn’t in any rush to finish it or leave Hester and Monk’s world, so I didn’t mind the extra bits.

Set in London after the Crimean War, nurse Hester Latterly and investigator William Monk have a curious relationship. They don’t particularly like each other (or do they?!), but they have a mutual respect and understanding. Their relationship is quite fascinating.

This book has us traveling to Edinburgh with Hester as she meets the wealthy Farraline family. Hired to help the elderly Mary travel from Edinburgh to London, Hester is shocked when Mary dies on the train to London. Even more surprising is when it is discovered that Mary has been poisoned, and since Hester was there to administer the medication, she is arrested for the murder. Enter Oliver Rathbone, the dashing London barrister, and William Monk, the arrogant investigator to help clear Hester’s name.

That’s all the detail I’ll give about the particulars of the plot, but boy does it twist and turn along the way to the thrilling ending. The one downside to all of the twisting and turning is that most of it happens at the very end, so you are left with the majority of the book not having that clear “red herring” or any clue who the real murderer might be (c’mon, we all know it wasn’t Hester).

A big section of this book is told in the courtroom, so if you don’t enjoy courtroom dramas, you might not care for this one. There is some historical information in this book regarding the Crimean War, even Waterloo, and also information regarding Scottish law. Also, Florence Nightingale makes an appearance, and who doesn’t love her??!!

As is usual for an Anne Perry mystery, numerous social issues are discussed and brought up. I love that her mysteries have an added weight to them. It isn’t just about whodunit, but whydunit. Motive is everything and makes for a powerful mystery.

Bottom Line: Surprising and powerful. Anne Perry does it again!

Have you read any Anne Perry mysteries? Which are your favorites? Do you have any recommendations for further reading about Florence Nightingale or the Crimean War?



9 thoughts on “Book Review: The Sins of the Wolf by Anne Perry (William Monk #5)

    1. Ooh – I’m interested to hear if you like it or not. I haven’t been able to find too much on Florence Nightingale and her story is so interesting. I think she is one person that someone could write a great historical fiction book about her and nursing and I think a lot of people would be interested in reading it.


  1. I know I have read this book years ago, but can no longer remember it. Suffice it to say that I have LOVED every one of the 12-15 Monk and [the other guy] books and hated when they ended. I agree that Perry is a master. But darn it, your review is so good with just enough tease that I want to find that book and read it again!

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  2. Thanks! I’ve definitely got a crush on Monk! I really like him, even though he’s arrogant and rude, but there is just something about him… And I also love the Thomas & Charlotte Pitt mysteries. Actually I think one in that series was just released today. I think I’m a couple behind on that series, and am slowly working my way through the Monk books.


    1. Monk is interesting, especially when he awakens in the first book with no idea who he was and then slowly begins to realize/find out he wasn’t anyone he would have liked. And Hester is just so cool, so sure of herself and what she does know, doesn’t let him put her down or get her down. I NEED to figure out where I last read both series and read the next books. I do miss them all.

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