Three Reviews: Me Before You, Crown of Midnight, & Poirot Investigates

Here’s another trio of mini reviews! Today’s trio are a romance, a fantasy, and a mystery.

 MeBeforeYouCoverMe Before You by Jojo Moyes: This is a sad, thought-provoking story about love and loss. Louisa “Lou” Clark desperately needs a job, and ends up working for the Traynors, whose son, Will, is now a quadriplegic. Will is trying to come to terms with his accident and his lack of mobility, while Lou’s vibrant personality shakes up the situation. This book had me smiling, and laughing, and crying. I liked Lou and Will, and actually all of the characters, even the prickly ones. I kind of just wanted to be in the little village in England with them. This book is being made into a movie, and I hadn’t really heard of the book until the movie started being promoted, and now I need to go read everything Jojo Moyes has written. I loved the writing, simple and easy, with a love for her characters. The book deals with a difficult subject, and I think this would be a good book for book clubs. Be sure to read this with a box of Kleenex nearby!

CrownOfMidnightCoverCrown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas: Crown of Midnight is the second book in the Throne of Glass series, and while book one I almost gave up on, this book however I absolutely loved. It was fun, it had mystery, it had romance, it had a kick-ass heroine, and moved along at a brisk pace. I still don’t actually like Celaena all that much, but she is interesting to read, and an author that can make me care about her story without caring too much about her main character is a wizard! This book picks up right where A Throne of Glass left off, with Celaena becoming the King’s Champion and being sent out on assassin jobs. Without spoiling anything else to the story, I will say that the ending was perfection, but it was a long time coming. A really, really long time coming. But I don’t care, I loved it anyways. I’m glad that I have book three from the library waiting for me so I can dive right in!

PoirotInvestigatesCover Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot #3): Poirot Investigates is a book of fourteen short stories. I must confess that I really do not care for short stories, so this book took me quite awhile to get through. I don’t feel I can connect with the characters or stories in such a short time, and I generally wind up wanting a bit more. I did enjoy this book slightly more than other short story collections I’ve read, simply because Poirot and Hastings are in all of the stories, and I love them and their interactions with each other. There really isn’t a whole lot to say about the mysteries, my favorite was “The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb” because the image of Poirot riding a camel was just too funny. (I haven’t watched the corresponding TV episode yet, and my expectations are extremely high for these scenes!). My least favorite short story was “The Lost Mine”. It involved opium dens and a murder, and I usually love murder mysteries that bring in opium dens, but this one just fell flat for me. I couldn’t follow it at all, and was going to re-read it, but then decided that there are too many books and too little time and decided to move on. I haven’t had a chance to watch all of the corresponding Agatha Christie’s Poirot episodes yet, but so far my favorite episode of the TV show is “The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor”. Everything extra that was brought to the show to flesh the story out a bit more was brilliant. I loved the inn owner/aspiring mystery author, and I laughed out loud at the scenes in the wax museum. I think this would be an episode I would re-watch. And this show is really growing on me. I was a little unimpressed at first, but now I just love it and often find myself humming the theme song!

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    1. Glad to hear that her other books are good – a lot of them sounded really interesting, and I really had to hold myself back from ordering them all from the library! I love discovering a new author!


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