Book Review: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Synopsis: Notorious Kaz Brekker sets out with a team of outlaws to kidnap a scientist held captive at the Ice Court.

SixOfCrowsCoverReview: What a fun, readable book! Six of Crows, written by Leigh Bardugo of The Grisha Trilogy fame, was really a solid, good read. Entertaining without being predictable (to a point), smart without being unrealistic, and romantic without being cloying. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this!

Told from multiple points of view, Six of Crows is essentially the story of Kaz Brekker. Set in the Grisha universe, 17-year-old Kaz is a successful thief who has the opportunity for a big payday if he can just break into the impenetrable Ice Court and kidnap a prisoner. In order for this to work, he assembles a team to help him. Inej – a master with blades and being able to disappear, Jesper – a sharpshooter who loves to gamble, Nina – a Heartrender (a Grisha specializing in body control), Matthias – a druskelle (one who hunts the magical Grisha), and Wylan, a demolitions expert. If this sounds a bit like Ocean’s Eleven with magic, you’d be on the right track. This is a heist novel, and the fun of the book is with the characters interacting with each other and reading how everything comes together.

I really enjoyed all of the six main characters. They are each unique and have their time in the spotlight, but my two favorites are probably Jesper and Kaz. I just really liked Jesper, the suave gambler with his pearl handled revolvers. I could picture him easily and he just seemed like an easy guy to get along with, good for a laugh, and loyal by your side. And then there is Kaz. Oh, Kaz! So conflicted… is he good? Is he evil? I was immediately drawn to the mystery of him and I truly did not know what he was going to do next, which is always good.

The two women, Inej and Nina, are also great characters. Strong and intelligent, but each harboring sad backgrounds. They have some of the best scenes, and they are both equal parts dangerous and kind. Matthias, who has been groomed to hunt Grisha, is strong and silent, and Wylan is new to the scene but immediately makes his presence known. I honestly enjoyed all of the characters and their interactions. It was just … fun.

This book is set in the Grisha universe, and I have not read The Grisha Trilogy yet. It did take me a little bit to get used to some of the terminology used, and I’m not sure I completely understood all of the terms, but I immediately felt the setting and enjoyed it. I didn’t really have an issue with not reading The Grisha Trilogy (and now I want to read them!). Perhaps I didn’t quite grasp the meaning, or the full weight of something, but I don’t know that it matters here. I still really enjoyed this.

The second book, Crooked Kingdom, is set to release in September 2016, and I’m looking forward to that. The ending has just enough to get you exited for the next book and a little anxious for it, but it is a fitting ending and promises plenty more excitement and heists in the future.

Bottom Line: What a fun book! The characters are larger-than-life, and I’m looking forward to September when book two is released.

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