Book Review: The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

Synopsis: In this sequel to The Rosie Project, Don and Rosie are now married and living in New York City when Rosie announces that she is expecting a baby.

Review: The Rosie Effect is a funny, sweet book. Don Tillman is an Australian genetics professor living in New York City with his wife, Rosie. Don is a very sweet, intelligent, structured, over-the-top, difficult character (think Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory but with more humanity to him). Rosie is very fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants and basically Don’s complete opposite. The Rosie Project details their meeting and falling in love (I highly recommend that book!). In The Rosie Effect, Rosie becomes pregnant, and Don tries to deal with becoming a father. In typical Don fashion, he soon tries to control what Rosie eats, when she sleeps, when she exercises, etc etc. This drives Rosie away, and Don seeks solace with his male friends, Dave and Gene, and a new friend, an aging rock star, George.

I loved the scenes with Don and his friends. Their friendship felt real, and I genuinely believed they cared about each other. However, Rosie and Don’s relationship was extremely aggravating in this book. There was such a lack of communication that just kept getting bigger and bigger and it was SO frustrating to read. I just kept saying to myself “Just talk to each other!” and “Just tell the truth!” This plot device felt fake and was just flat out annoying. The majority of the interactions between Rosie and Don involve Don trying to hide his activities like the Bluefin Tuna Incident, the Playground Incident, and the Lesbian Mothers Project. And the Bluefin Tuna Incident and the Playground Incident were absolutely hilarious, and really, once Don explained, Rosie would probably not have gotten stressed or mad about either “incident”, so it was extremely frustrating to read this stupid stuff come between two people who are perfect for each other.

They are making a movie out of the first book, The Rosie Project, and this should be a cute movie! But I do feel they made a mistake in casting Jennifer Lawrence as Rosie. I love Jennifer Lawrence, but I don’t feel she’s right for the role of Rosie. Maybe it’s because she is and always will be Katniss Everdeen to me. Rosie to me should be older, perhaps cast an unknown actress as Rosie and a more famous actor as Don. Just please not Jim Parsons! He’s too perfect as Sheldon to have him play a similar role in Don. Although I will admit, I kept picturing Jim Parsons as Don while reading, but that’s probably because I’ve got re-runs of The Big Bang Theory on all the time.

Bottom Line: Some cute moments and you will fall in love with Don, but frustrating plot developments keep the two leads (Rosie and Don) apart in a very forced way.

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